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Yes, really!! You’re both super-excited about being engaged (as well you should be), but that statistic is probably a little alarming. If, like most couples, you both work full-time, planning is going to take a large bite out of what little free time you have.

It can get difficult to combine the ideas the two of you have into a single, coherent vision for your wedding, let alone do all of the planning necessary to create a day that reflects the two of you.

No matter how confident you are, most couples find they need some help to make their wedding day all they want it to be. There are SO MANY details to manage once the wedding gets close.


Did you know that it now takes the average couple         hours to plan their wedding?*

Buttercup Celebrations is committed to meeting couples’ needs during their wedding planning journey, no matter what those needs are.

You may be planning an epic wedding celebration! If so, know that we offer a high level of service to help you create any number of parties, afterparties, dinners, and/or brunches to commemorate the two of you tying the knot.

You’re interested in planning a wedding that completely expresses your personality, but you don’t really know how to go about that. We can help.

For some couples, on the other hand, the planning isn’t the daunting task - it’s the execution. If that’s you, we offer wedding management services to meet your needs as well. had a partner in this process?

but what if...

Premium Wedding Planning and Design

This service is for the couple who wants it all! You probably don’t have any time at all to plan due to career constraints, and you intend to plan more than just your wedding. You may be interested in a welcome party, planning the rehearsal dinner, an afterparty, a Sunday brunch, or perhaps all of the above. Our premium level of service is all-inclusive. Buttercup Celebrations would be thrilled to help you plan your wedding weekend!


Wedding Planning and Design

This is our signature service. We help the two of you define your vision for your wedding, and then begin planning. You’ll have to meet with at least one vendor in each category, but other than that, we can take as much of the planning off your plate as you want – or you can stay fully involved. It’s completely up to you. We’ll take you all the way from ideas to reality and all have fun in the process!


Wedding management

On the other hand, perhaps you’re confident in your ability to plan most of your wedding yourselves. If you have the time to devote, and are very organized, it’s definitely something you can do.

Still, as your wedding gets closer, you may begin to feel the stress of managing all of the phone calls, and getting everything ready gets really involved. It’s a lot to handle. What if Buttercup Celebrations could take the reins in the last couple of months, as well as be there on your wedding day to manage everything? That’s possible for you, my friend.


"Rebecca couldn't have done a more marvelous job!"

peggy, mother of the bride

Buttercup Celebrations can give the two of you complete confidence that your wedding is in great hands! 

let's see if this is the right fit!


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